Surrenden Press is a joint enterprise by a father and daughter, Michael and Natasha Edwards, established to produce publications on De Dion Bouton motor vehicles manufactured before 1914.

​Our family’s acquaintance with De Dion Bouton started in 1934, when a relation purchased a 1902 Type O rear entrance tonneau from Patrick Motors in Birmingham.  It had been actively campaigned for 70 years before arriving at our home in Sussex fifteen years ago. The usual quest to discover the vehicle’s history began, and that inevitably led to meeting other owners of similar cars, and at that point the flow of information started, and articles were produced for various motoring magazines.  

The compilation of a Register of extant De Dion Bouton vehicles of the marque in the UK was another outcome. Registers of vehicles are essential documents for all motoring clubs to have, but they are inevitably limited in scope, always out of date as soon as they are produced, and invariably prompt rather more questions than a simple listing can ever answer. At the same time, the number of published works in English on De Dion Bouton has been sparse in the last fifty years other than the short, well-written volumes by Anthony Bird that appeared in the 1970’s.  This scenario is somewhat surprising given the popularity of the Company’s output:  the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run has more De Dion Bouton cars participating than any other make, and the De Dion Bouton UK Club is the most successful one make veteran club with more than 250 members.  Motorvations, the regular publication of the De Dion Bouton UK Club, edited by Nicholas Pellett, has made a huge contribution to the knowledge of De Dion Bouton vehicles, and their historical context, but it is difficult to escape the conclusion that a comprehensive history of De Dion Bouton cars in English is required.

Work on this volume, provisionally titled: “De Dion Bouton: The Veteran Years, 1896-1914” is underway, but the value of any publication on De Dion Bouton for this period is dependent on a clear understanding and presentation of the Type sequence and model characteristics from inception to 1914.  For this reason, it was decided to publish the results of this research ahead of the main volume.

The first volume: De Dion Bouton: An Illustrated Guide to Type & Specification, 1899-1904, was published in Autumn 2016, and received a generous welcome from a number of reviewers and recipients (see Reviews).  It is expected that the sequel for the period 1905-14 will be available at the end of 2017.